Our Services at one glance.

We are a service provider for established and start-up medtech companies who are interested in marketing their products in selected countries or regions. Services include but are not limited to custom research, seminars, market reports, consulting up to strategic sales outsourcing. Identifying healthcare professionals, important decision-makers or even finding the right local distribution partner depends heavily on market experience and also form our profile of service offerings. For sophisticated and

state-of-the-art medical technologies, we additionally consult you not only with building and maintaining an international KOL and Proctor-network but also with organizing and executing clinical master-class workshops. We gain leverage through our existing network among industry professionals and healthcare institutions. Here, the quality of our established industry network is a driving factor.


Cardiotronic offers consultation to manufacturers on sales aspects of their organization to find the most suitable sales approach and solution for their medical product. Sales management and sales outsourcing are key elements of our strategic consulting and a growth driver for your business. To clinical customers we offer training & education through our medical proctors, especially for complex class III medical devices. Further, we can assist manufacturers to gain credibility and market access for new products by benefitting from our global network of key opinion leaders. Having experience in medical master-class workshops, our consultation expands to the set-up, organization, and execution of knowledge-transfer concepts.


Cardiotronic provides market reports and is experienced in supplying manufacturers with information necessary to make decisions on organizational sales strategy. We are also able to generate data by custom search. Clients benefit from working with Cardiotronic by receiving primary and secondary data on their research topic. Our wide industry and customer network enable us to provide solid answers to questions relating to medical device sales in selected countries.
Often valuable information is not available to make a profound decision, especially when resources must be allocated most efficiently. Therefore, we support our clients to develop data-based strategies and to gather information which is relevant to the stakeholder. We are experts in collecting, processing, and analyzing data before we provide a decision-making report. Being a trading and service company active on various continents, we have direct access to sources of information and medical device business intelligence. Our partners abroad support us on researching the information you need.


Cardiotronic offers a variety of individual seminars. Our trainers are selected experts with diverse global experience in the security and medical device industry. In our seminars they focus on security and cultural aspects of global business. Our professionals teach intercultural competences in a medical device industry related manner. Cardiotronic customizes seminar contents to your individual needs. Many clients prefer in-house trainings which we are experienced in and willing to offer. All our seminars are interactive, with theory lessons and practical exercises. We encourage our clients to participate actively in our seminars and we issue certificates of attendance.